Get paid to work on our open source Map Warper site (Ruby on Rails)

Posted on nov 01

A couple months ago, we stood up a clone of the open source New York Public Library (NYPL) Map Warper site, for use in our app Gaia GPS. However, we don't have any Ruby skills in-house, and we need some help fixing and improving the site.

For this gig, you will be paid on contract, and your work will remain open source. We will under no circumstances close any improvements we make to the warper.

You can view the warper here:

You can download the source code here:

For the main things we want to fix, you don't need any GIS/map knowledge - you can probably observe some of these bugs just by looking at the warper site. However, if you are also good with maps, we will likely ask you to make more interesting improvements to the warper. Extra bonus points if you are good with sysadmin and deployment on Amazon EC2, but this is also not a requirement.

If you are interested in this gig, please send me an email at

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