iBurn 2011 is Live

Posted on aug 24

I am mighty pleased to announce that iBurn 2011 is live on the App Store! We submitted a request to expedite the review, and Apple was kind enough to oblige within 24 hours.

Map of Black Rock City on the iPad

I think mobile devices will be an increasingly important part of Burning Man, and they make the experience both richer and safer. I know there are many Burners who prefer to keep things as low-tech as possible, but at least they tolerate the nerds among us who tote computers everywhere :)

Hopefully, the app is rock solid, and the new stuff we added this year makes the app even more useful on the Playa. Anna and I just bought a house, and we had to cancel our trip at the last minute, but we will be there in spirit, and a touch of binary.

Let us know how it works for you at iburn@gaiagps.com. If you find a bug, we might be able to get an update in before gates open!

Also, check back here for the password for the embargoed data after gates open.

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